PS 42X Kinder Unpacking Chapters 2 and 3

Chapter 2: Comparing Numbers to 5

Weave this unit into chapter 3 by doing centers. Focus on evaluating Stage 4 fluencies.  This unit prepares students for comparison of numbers, but also the comparison for comparison word problems. The vocabulary is key: same/equal amount, compare, greater, less than, fewer.

Structure: Teach centers for a few days, then go into chapter 3. You would set time to do centers for chapter 2 while continuing with chapter 3 lessons.

Tools: Ten-frame, two colored counters

Guided Group:

  • Counting Blastoff, pg. 80 – adapt to tell 1 more or 1 less. Ideally what a student might say, “I rolled a 5. One less is 4. Five is greater than 4. Four is less than five.” (Needs a song or a beat.) See “Advanced Learners” on page 88.
  • Chapter 2 Vocabulary Game, pg. 80A – Do Not Do! (unless your students are reading).


  • Write numbers on sand paper.
  • Lesson 2.1: “Match Mine” Kagan strategy. Student says, “I have 4 spaces filled on top. I have the same amount in the bottom five-frame. Match Mine.”
  • Lesson 2.2 & 2.3: Penny Grab. Directions: Grab some pennies or cubes. Place on ten frames. Who has the greater amount. Who has fewer? Adapt and connect to Lesson 3.1.
  • Lesson 2.4: Build and compare. Mix, Freeze, Build, and Compare. (Slides) Flash number by color and have students build and compare.
  • Lesson 2.5: Advanced Learners, pg. 106 game to compare amounts.

Chapter 3: Represent, Count and Write Number 6 to 9

This unit needs to focus on understanding quantities. You need to same structures for 8 days, but rotate students through. Focus on different ways to make a certain amount. Build on concepts of inequalities and comparison. Focus on the discourse and video tape students in action and making corrections of other students.

  • Make anchor charts to show the various ways to make a certain amount. Model the anchor charts of various ways to make certain amounts in ten-frames and in sequential order. Use two different colored counters.

Materials: dominoes, index cards, sandpaper, counters (various kinds)

Tools: ten-frame, number bonds, number bead strings

Look at all the Advanced Learners. Make into centers:

  • Lesson 3.1: Roll and Compare. Works for lesson 3.8 as well.
  • Lesson 3.2: Color and count. This is preparation for area concepts.
  • Lesson 3.3: Spin and Build. Adapt to add on or take away. Counting amounts each time.
  • Lesson 3.7: That is a Way, but Not My Way

Problem Solving Focus: Both Addends Unknown, pg. 88 CCSS e.g. Grandma has five flowers. How many can she put in her red vase and how many can she put in her blue vase?


  • Add to your math museum and have students make comparison statements.
  • Have a domino find center, where students have to find amounts based upon the focus of that center.

Kagan Structures: Find Someone Who, Match Mine, Showdown, Rally Coach

Kim Sutton: Bump-it Subitizing (need dice)

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