PS 42X Gr. 1 Unpacking

Grade 1/Chapter 5: Addition and Subtraction Relationships

Online Resources:

Thoughts on Lessons:

  1. Tools: Ten frame, number line
  2. Models: Number Bond, Bar/Tape Diagram,
  3. Strategies: Counting on
  4. Lesson 5.1: It is vital that we act situations and distinguish between situations. Number bond helps the have us name the parts and the whole. Students must interpret what the solution means.
  5. Lesson 5.2: Have students play a game with related facts. For example, Match Mine idea with related facts. One student write the addition related facts for 4 + 5 = 9 and another write the subtraction related facts. Use in centers later.
  6. Lesson 5.3: The idea of recognizing a related fact is very important. Have student create related facts matching card.  Idea: hold punch and string connecting cards.
  7. Lesson 5.4/5.5/5.6: Is about the inverse relationship between addition and subtract.  Student must not only recognize, but they must also explain their thinking. Place these equations in a context. Use a counting on strategy to find the missing addend.
  8. Lesson 5.7: Advanced Learners turn idea into a center for use throughout the unit and beyond.
  9. Lesson 5.8: Have student use a Find Someone Who strategy and then make anchor charts for the class. Equations should be placed in an order that allows us the see patterns. Turn problems on pg. 300 into a center and game.
  10. Lesson 5.9: Make this into a early on into the unit bay making a concentration game.
  11. Lesson 5.10: Make into center and use throughout all the unit.


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