PS 42X Kinder Chapters 7

Kinder/Chapter 7: Represent, Count, and Write 11 to 19

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Thoughts on Lessons:

  1. Tools: 2-colored counters, Unifix Cubes, ten-frames, double ten-frame, number line, number bead string, number strip
  2. Strategies: Take from, count back, 10 plus some more
  3. Focus: Emphasis on 10 plus some more to make teen numbers
  4. Stage 3 Fluencies:
    • counting out objects (0 – 19)
    • reading the written words for numbers
  5. Stage 4 Fluencies:
    • recognizing numbers 0 – 19
    • writing numbers 0 – 19 when asked verbally
  6. Show What You Know: We need to evaluate the Stage 4 Fluencies prior to this unit.
  7. Combine Lessons 7.1 – 7.5: Focus on the fact that a teen number is 10 ones and some more. Make Centers
    • Days 1 – 3: Saying, Recognizing and Building Numbers (each group builds a different number, e.g., Group A build 10, 11, then 12…they rotate to each center. At each center they say the amount, build it with a variety of objects and pick the cards that have the center amount on it. Use physical movement, e.g., students hop a specific amount and you ask, “What take more time to hop 11 or 15? Use matching activities.
    • Day 4: Add in writing numbers
    • Day 5: Make addition equations.
  8. Lesson 7.6: Infuse using one of the problem solving ideas per day. Do not teach all at once. Revisit and rework all through unit.
  9. Do a Number Talk about teen numbers.
  10. Combine Lessons 7.7 – 7.10: Repeat structure for lessons 7.1 – 7.5.
  11. End-0f-Unit Exam: Also redo the formative assessment that was done at the beginning.

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