Test-Savvy Workshop – Feb. 2016

Test-Savvy Math Workshop

Questions that we are seeking answers to from NYS:

  1. How does the untimed test affect modifications for SWDs and ELLs?
  2. How do we change student perspectives about testing?
  3. How will parents be informed?
  4. What should we focus on, content-wise for the next 20 or so days to review and prepare students for the state exam?
  5. How do we better support students who are not classified as SWDs, but who have observed testing barriers?
  6. Students who are mandated-double time, does that become their minimum test-taking time?
  7. Should students work in the booklet first, then go back and bubble answers in?
  8. What will be measures for stopping students?
  9. What could be an alternative to the test process for allowing greater creativity?
  10. Defining “working productively”, is this going to be a generic definition or individualized to the student?

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