NYS 2016 Testing Guides Information

Link to NYSED OSA (information is posted here, before it appears on EngageNY, plus they have additional not posted on EngageNY)

Memo about structuring untimed testing from OSA. Big take-aways are:

  • Untimed testing limited to regular school day, unless noted as a modification in an IEP
  • Students may read after they have turing in their test booklets, while others continue to work
  • Schools will determine when exams should begin and can schedule timing around lunch schedules
  • Exams can be collected, students can pause the exam and be taken to a supervised lunch, but cannot discuss the exam

Link to 2016 NYS Testing Guides:

Recommendations for Untimed Testing:

  1. Make a note of students who “work productively” on classroom exams, but may take longer than other students. They may need to grouped in one classroom.
  2. Determine a cut-off point for all students. Also mention to students that 15 minutes on one question may be extreme and not productive. Please note that OSA states that students, “…should be allowed as much time as they need within the confines of the regular school day to complete that day’s test booklet.” 
  3. Position students who frequently need restroom breaks closer to the classroom exit.
  4. Teach students how to preview the entire test booklet and do the “easier” ones first in the booklet.
  5. Stress to students that they must double-check their work.

Please note: The recommendations are from CKingEducation, not form NYSE. These recommendation were made at a workshop on Feb. 27, 2016.

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