P.S. 397Q Chancellor’s Day PD

Focus: Developing a deeper understanding of what problem is and how to better support our students in becoming more proficient in the application of the Mathematical Practices as applied to word problems via the use of research-based pedagogical structures.

  1. Agenda
  2. Presentation Session 1 – Understanding Why Word Problems are So Challenging
  3. Presentation Session 2 – Understanding the Common Core Problem Types
  4. Online-Utility Tool
    1. Sample Problem: There were 80 adults and 20 children at a school play. The school collected $8 for each adult’s ticket and $3 for each child’s ticket. The school donated $125 of the money from tickets to a local theater program and used the remaining money to buy supplies for next year’s school play. How much money does the school have to buy supplies for next year’s play?
  5. Common Core Problem Types, pg. 88 – 89
  6. Sample of CCSS Problem Types as Visualized by Rina Mamdouh, Pioneer Academy, Queens, NY
  7. Sample Presentation with Problem Type Examples
  8. Three-Bean Salad
  9. Template for CCSS Book
  10. Year-long Plan for Problem Solving – for Part 2 of this workshop
    • Sample Overall Overview
    • Sample Overview Grades 2 – 5, Grade 1, Kinder

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