P.S./M.S. 46M Thematic Unit Project

In order to prepare for and provide our students with authentic, real-world application of mathematics during the 2017 – 2018 school year we are developing end-of-unit projects.

  • Process:
    1. Determine time span for unit and # of instructional days allotted
    2. Determine and unpack the standards being taught. Review North Carolina Unpacked to gain a better understanding of the standards.
    3. Determine and adjust the “I Can…” statements for the standards in the unit.
    4. Determine prerequisite skills needed for success in this unit of study
      • Discuss formative assessment ideas
      • Discuss ways to address prerequisite skills during unit of study
    5. Brainstorm project ideas. Can students create a game, a multimedia experience, do a community based project, build something, etc.?  Think about things that are relevant to students lives.
    6. Write in lesson focus/objectives and make note/discuss when opportunities will arise to discuss or highlight how to do certain things related to the project.
    7. Complete the rest of the plan.
    8. Gather materials, make related “tracking sheets” for students, etc.
Planning Templates
  1. Visual Pacing 2017 – 2018 (Grades 6 – 8)
  2. Project Template and Sample
  3. Grade 6: Thematic Unit #1
  4. Grade 6: Thematic Unit #2
  5. Grade 7: Thematic Unit #1
  6. Grade 7: Thematic Unit #8
Online Resources

Math Project Based Learning Resource Websites

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