Hopkins Elementary School


  1. Welcome and Overview
  2. Understanding Why Word Problems are So Challenging
  3. Teaching Metacognition with Word Problem Think Alouds
  4. Next Steps

Workshop Resources:

  1. Presentation 
  2. Online-Utility Tool
    • Word Problem to Revise: A science teacher has 0.4 liter of seawater. She gives each of her 22 students a container and a 5-milliliter spoon. She then asks her students to put two spoonfuls of seawater into their containers. How many milliliters of seawater will be left after all 22 students have filled their containers?
  3. Common Core Problem Types, pg. 88 – 89
  4. What Works Clearinghouse:
  5. Mathematical Sketch Blog, Post to: ckingeducation.mathsketch@blogger.com
  6. Developing a Plan for Problem Solving Online Tool

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