Richland One – October 13th Conference

Using Technology to Promoting Thinking and Engagement in Math Class

Session Summary: This session features three easy to use technological tools that can be used to promote student engagement while building of metacognitive skills. In this session you will be learn how to empower your students to become producers of educational content, not just passive receivers, by using readily available low-cost tools.

  1. Presentation
  2. Agenda and Handout
  3. Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised
  4. Video: A Vision of K – 12 Students Today
  5. Video: Number Talks 25 x 12
  6. Math Learning Center Apps
  7. Sample DubMe Videos:
    1. Grade 1: Adding with Money
    2. Grade 3: Multiplication of Whole Numbers
    3. Grade 3: Rounding Video

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