Video Resources:

Math Reasoning Inventory (MRI) – A resource funded by the Gate Foundation and developed by Marilyn Burns to be used by educators to help determine student misconceptions around number sense and arithmetic concepts at the 5 – 6 grade levels. A rich collection of video samples and a free tool that teachers can sign up to use.

Coaching Tools:

Achieving the Core Coaching Tool – The Instructional Practice Guide Coaching Tool assists teachers, and those who support them, in building understanding about Common Core State Standards (CCSS)-aligned instruction through non-evaluative observation.  The Shifts in instructional practice required by the CCSS provide the framing for the Coaching Tool. Designed as a developmental support, the Coaching Tool can be used for collaboration with peers, coaching, and individual reflection.

Assessment Tools

Newman Error Analysis Problem Solving Interview


Stretch Your Pedagogical & Content Knowledge

Math Task Resources

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Recommended Books

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Mathematical Tasks

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