Strategies to Promote Student Collaboration, Discourse, and Engagement

Strategies to Promote Student Discourse, Collaboration, Engagement
DAY 1:
  1. 20th Century Classroom Mindset
  2. Research Quotes
  3. Inhibit Discourse
  4. Two Arguments
  5. Game Mats Sample
  6. Application of Kagan Structures
  1. Presentation, Day 2
  2. Samples for grades 5 – 8: Which one does not belong?
  3. Conversation Skills Poster – General
  4. Conversation Skills Poster – Math
  5. Discourse Assessment Tools:
    1. Sample “Core Elements of Conversation” Tool
      • Digital Version 1: Individual (Print Version)
      • Digital Version 2: Groups (Print Version)
    2. Zwiers
  6. iPod Sale Problem and TranscriptVideo: What is the Savings?
  7. iPadio
  8. Pedagogical Toolkit Template
  9. My Pedagogical Toolkit” form
Supporting Materials
  1. Different Types of Academic Conversation
  2. DoK Wheel
Articles: Great for a professional literacy circle focused on discourse in the classroom. Focus on 1 article per month.
  1. WIDA – Doing and Talking Math: A Teacher’s Guide to Meaning Making with ELLs
  2. How Rich is Your Classroom Discourse?
  3. Building Discourse Communities in Mathematical Classrooms
  4. Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) Rubric
  5. Building Powerful Climates for Mathematical Teaching and Learning
  6. Inside Mathematics: Engaging in Mathematical Discourse
  7. Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse to Enhance Student Learning
  8. Danielson Framework (NYC Adapted Version)
  9. How to Get Students Talking!
  10. WIDA – Focus Bulletins for 2017 – Focus on language development with all students including ELLs and SWDs.
Other Online Resources

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