Richland One – In Many Ways


The goals of these sessions are:

  • Identifying , discussing and applying specific tools, models and strategies to be used consistently to support and deepen student conceptual understanding.
  • Making video tutorials that show a progression of learning and supporting teachers to outline the progression moving from the the concrete, to the representational to the abstract (C-R-A).
  • Increased use of precise mathematical language.

Session #1:

The focus of this session was to get teachers familiar with using the DubMe App to make video tutorials. Additionally, we focused on differentiating math tools, models and strategies. We made a number bead string and looked at how they can be used to build place value understanding and fraction concepts.

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Session 2: To be Updated

The focus of this session is on how to model operation with whole numbers using various tools.


Session 3:

The focus of this session is on how to model operations with fractions using various tools.

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